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Scale Model DH-2 Rigging Guide

DH-2 Rigging Guide

360 Degree Fokker Rotator

DH-2 Rigging Guide

AeroRetro: Build -A- Plane ... 3D ModelingTutorial

3D Plane TutorialBuild -A- Plane...You CAN Do It!

The intent of this tutorial is to act as a guide, a work flow road map, that can be used to make 3D airplanes. While I use Maya, the tutorial isn't application specific and should translate well to other programs. The tutorial assumes that you have basic modeling skills and can do some basic poly modeling. It'd be really boring to go through this vert by vert anyhow.

So sit back, do what you do and let's make a 3D plane!

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Part One ... Part Two

In Focus:
Digital Aviation Art

Featured Artist T.L.West ~ To The Gallery

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