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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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3D Plane Tutorial
Step 11:

As we near the end of part one of the "Build-A-Plane...You can do it!" tutorial, take a look back at where we started and how far you have come .... Yay YOU!!

Ok, back at it....

Go ahead and give your mesh one more look and do any final tweaks before we cut this thing in half.


Excellent! Select your mesh and highlight half of your plane... uh the half we "didn't" work on and delete it. You should be left with something like this.

Now select the mesh again and mirror it. Make sure the sides were merged to create one mesh. Depending on your settings you may have to merge the sides together manually.

Hey that looks GREAT!  Pretty easy huh? I knew you could do it =) Just for fun, the original cylinder we started with is shown. What a difference a couple of hours makes!

Below is the current mesh smoothed one time and our base mesh. The base is a pretty nice low poly asset on its own actually.

That concludes part one and I'd say it's been a job well done! Till the future.....

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