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Scale Model DH-2 Rigging Guide

DH-2 Rigging Guide

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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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3D Plane Tutorial
Step 16:

While we are working on the cockpit area, we might as well add one. I have always found it easier to model them as a separate object.

I created the above object by using the same method as the glass basically. I like doing things this ways as it helps to give you a starting point that is already the same shape as your target mesh. Simply extract the faces and shape.....simple as that =) Once done it should look like this.

Aw yeah!

Step 17:

I forgot one last set of booleans earlier, the exhaust ports. Let's make them now. Just like before make the shapes and cut.

You can delete the inside faces if you want. Also you will notice that I added the radiator flaps as well. Lastly create your exhaust pipes. A cylinder shape with a curve deformer works well here.


Step 18:

We might as well finish up some of the other bits now. Here you will see the primitives tweaked into shape. You should be a pro at this by now =) and mirror...It's that easy!

And ta da!

Not too bad huh? The prop blades and aerial wires were created in a similar fashion. Also note I didn't add a tail wheel, for my least for to use this model for shots in the air with no need for a tail wheel. You can always go back at a later date and add it. Remember, if you don't need it or wont see it...don't model it =)

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